Great and Holy Week

Icon of All Saints of Lincolnshire

We are now in the final week of services prior to the celebration of Great and Holy Pascha.  Below is a list of all services at St Matthias Church Centre this week.  Enter into the Passion of Christ our God, and then join in the glorious celebration of His Resurrection!

Monday 6pm Bridegroom Matins
Tuesday 6pm Bridegroom Matins
Wednesday 6pm Service of Holy Unction
Thursday 9am Divine Liturgy of the Last Supper
  6pm Service of the 12 Gospels
Friday 9am Deposition Service
  6pm Epitaphion Service
Saturday 11pm Rush Service, Matins and Divine Liturgy of Holy and Glorious Pascha
Sunday 11am Divine Liturgy (for those unable to attend last night)

After Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning, there will be a bring-and-share feast to which EVERYONE is welcome.  Bring enough for yourself and your guests, and a little left over to share with others, and join in the celebration!