Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Icon of the Nativity

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The modern image of the Nativity of Christ our God can sometimes appear a little sanitised. The stable is a wooden shed, the straw is clean, the animals are well-behaved, and nobody has a hair out of place.  Anyone who has been fortunate enough to visit Bethlehem will know that the reality would have been somewhat different.  Rather than a wooden shed, the stable would have been a natural cave.  It would have been damp and smelly, and filled with the sort of thing that tends to fill places where animals are confined for any length of time.  The shepherds (not known, in those days, for their elegance or eloquence) would have been wild and unkempt, having been living in makeshift tents for weeks upon end.  The Magi, the Wise Men, would have been travel-stained and weary, and in fear of Herod.


This is the environment in which God chose to enter His creation.  The King of All born amid cattle.  The Uncontainable One submits to be contained within a human body.  God is with us, but His glory is shielded: He comes not as the triumphant conquerer, but as the whisper of love.